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Curiosity, initiative and growth, competence, technique and creativity are the combination of ingredients that characterise the proposals of Lucca creative lab.

The cultural tradition of Lucca is merged with the innovative and international ambition to combine different knowledge and expertise by collaborating with the main cultural projects of Lucca and made in Italy companies.


The most important exhibition of the sector in Europe and, in terms of attendance, the second in the world,
after the Comiket in Tokyo.

Five days in the historic center of Lucca dedicated entirely to the celebration of the world of comics and role-playing and board games, but not only: animation, video games, everything that focuses on the imaginary fantasy and science fiction.
With over 250,000 tickets sold in 5 days and thanks to the estimated 500,000 visitors, the event over the years has developed new areas of expertise on the model of other international fairs: film presentations and TV series launches, live music events, theater performances and numerous exhibitions.
A not-to-be-missed event for fans who have been able to meet personalities such as Silver, Ciruelo, Leo Ortolani, Masakaru Katzsura, Gipi, Tiziano Sclavi, Robert Crumb, George Romero, Terry Brooks, Gilbert Shelton, Leiji Matsumoto, Joe Dever, Steven Moffat, Jamie Mathieson, James O’Barr, Frank Miller, Milo Manara, Zero Calacare, Cristina D’Avena, Gipi and Licia Troisi.


The Lucca Film Festival and Europa Cinema, an annual event, celebrates the spread of film culture.

Through projections, exhibitions, conferences and performances – ranging from experimental to mainstream cinema – the festival manages to involve an increasingly wide audience every year.
Over the years, the Lucca Film Festival and Europa Cinema has focused on audacious productions with international appeal and has been able to host and pay homage to established personalities from the film industry such as David Lynch, Oliver Stone, George Romero, William Friedkin,
David Cronenberg, Jeremy Irons, Willem Dafoe, Terry Gilliam, Paolo Sorrentino, Marco Bellocchio, Valeria Golino, Alfonso Cuaron, John Boorman, Peter Greenaway, Abel Ferrara, Kennet Anger, Jonas Mekas.


Although it is a relatively young festival, it has already become one of the most interesting on the European scene thanks to the quality of the exhibitions on display and the authors proposed,

including Peter Greenaway, Joel-Peter Witkin, Vivian Maier, Andres Serrano and Christopher Thomas, Massimo Vitali, Maurizio Galimberti, Bettina Rheims , Aurelio Amendola, Ernst Haas, Stanley Greene, Patrick Willocq, Jordi Pizarro, Alice Smeets, Charles Fréger, Paolo Verzone, Nick Hannes, Shai Kremer, Mayumi Suzuki and the annual exhibition of the World Press Photo.
The positive synergies with important institutions, photo agencies and galleries around the world, the constant presence of international experts and journalists, and the consensus from critics, public and press confirm Photolux and the city of Lucca as a reference point


In 2020 there will be the 10th edition of Lucca Biennale, the largest festival dedicated to Paper Art and Design.

The event will bring life to the city of Lucca in the summer months creating art exhibitions, projects, events, conferences and workshops.
Thanks to an international competition, the most innovative and prominent figures of Paper Art will partecipate at the Biennale, showing their monumental works in paperboard on both Outdoor and Indoor exhibitions.
369 works, 107 artists, over 5 km of paper are now the numbers of Lucca Biennale which over the years has hosted international artists such as James Lake, Ho Yoon Shin, Dosshaus, Ankon Mitra, Eu Tazè, Kubo Novàk, Manuela Granziol, Wu Wai Chung, Li Hongjun, Mr SaveTheWall, Adamo Modesto, Nicoletta Boris, Hiroaki Asahara, Andrew Scott.

UBIK Lucca

From the bookshop Ubik Lucca many characters have appeared in 10 years, telling the story of our country, our culture and beyond:

Ferdinando Imposimato, Luis Sepulveda, PierLuigi Vigna, Mario Calabresi,Paolo Crepet, Antonio Padellaro, Franco Cardini, Beppino Englaro, Elisabeth Gerge, Andrea Vitali, Maurizio De Giovanni, Don Gallo, Gary Frank, il mitico Borzacchini, Federico Rampini, Marco Malvaldi, Tonino Milite, Dario Franceschini, Bruno Manfellotto, Michela Marzano, Marco Vichi, Fabio Genovesi, Nicola Gratteri and many more.

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