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Inside a beautiful old convent, art and creativity, ideas and projects that come to life through radical paths and experiences based on relationships, collective work and group harmony.

Lucca Experientia Artis is a place where art, education and experience all come together.
It focuses on the talent of each one of you and aims to develop skills, quality and skills, through unique and innovative experiences.

Thanks to the participation of illustrious protagonists and specialists in the artistic and creative field, Lucca Experientia Artis offers cultural moments, workshops and residential projects for artists, creatives, researchers as well as international and local work groups.
Joining Lucca Experientia Artis’s proposals means becoming part of a community that wants to dream and develop, through art and creativity, a better quality of life through common challenges and objectives.


The singularity of an artistic experience is enhanced by the opportunity to live and discover Lucca and its precious treasures: the landscape, history, art, music and cuisine, unique and fundamental elements that characterise the exceptional beauty of Tuscany.


Residential WORKSHOP program for artists and creatives, designed to provide knowledge, methodologies and skills through experience, passion and imagination of those who choose to put themselves at their disposal: the artist.



• Promote and support artists and creatives with a background in visual arts
• Facilitating the development of new skills that are essential to progress, embrace new opportunities, compete internationally and enter new markets;
• Study international trends, strategies and case studies.
• Full immersion in creativeness to provide rapid high-profile professional training.
• Stimulate the international travel of artists and creative people and circulation of their works;
• Encourage the sharing of knowledges between artists, art professionals and experts, creating an international hub inspired by multidisciplinary cooperation.


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The residence project aims to promote national and international artistic migration by providing the opportunity to meet the realities of the historic city of Lucca and interact with areas, people, time.


Each individual artist works on his or her own personal research. The residence activity is realised through the production and exhibition of works created during the stay, independently or together with other artists, interacting with them and developing common ideas on art and culture, and through open studios and workshops, in order to present the work of the guest artists.
Confident that art can help to renovate the perception of a place and to stimulate new relationships and new dynamics of coexistence in public, CONvictUS Lab offers a cultural program open to all.
Through the artistic residency programs and the exhibition activities, the celebrities of the world of arts and creativity will be invited to interact with the spaces and the city of Lucca to create projects and specific works of various kinds.
In fact, it will be those who will live in the CONvictUS who will define over time the form and features through their particular readings, making it a large open-air archive of stories and interpretations.

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Individual cultural initiative plan open to the public. Lucca Experientia Artis is offered as a creative space of welcome, training and socialization capable of generating creative and aggregative force.


• Stimulate knowledge and curiosity in the artistic and creative field
• Promote and support artists and creative people of the area
• Create a network between artists, experts and enthusiasts by encouraging collaboration.
• Nurture co-creation processes between artists and citizens involving new audiences (schools, associations, groups of citizens)
• Use artistic promotion as a tool for cultural growth and social development.

LEA – Lucca Experientia Artis is a project conceived and coordinated by thesignLab, a laboratory of creatives and designers working in the design and visual field. LEA encourages the sharing of knowledge with the aim of handing it down as it used to be in the workshops of artists and craftsmen of the past.
Participants in the training sessions will be hosted in the Convictus, which with its unique and fascinating atmosphere will make this school of life even more immersive.