Elettra Dini

education: My name is Elettra Dini, i was born in Lucca in 1992. Through photography i rappresent how i see the world. I started to take picture since i was child with my polaroid and i never stopped. I studied in Art school(Lucca), Architecture and interior design, and i've graduated in Set Design at Naba (Milano). Thanks to the university I started to get to know the world of theatre and cinema. I have worked as a set designer with Bookcity (Milan), Franco Parenti Theatre (Milan), Mari&Co (Milan), Estia Cultura (Milan), La Scala theatre (Milan), Accademia Cinema Toscana (Lucca), Lucca Biennale (Lucca). I have made videos for Polyedric Visions (Lucca), Festivaletteratura (Mantova), La Scala Theatre (Milano), Istituto Civitali school (Lucca), Lulami (Chiavari)

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